School Profile


St. Pauls Primary School Nakuru Town, Kenya

St. Pauls Primary School is a public primary school in Nakuru Town. This school is run by religious organization. It is a day school. This educational institution is a ordinary and mixed type of institution.The pupil to classroom ratio in this school is 35.6:1 and the pupil to toilet ratio is 47.5:1. There are total 16 classrooms, 5 boys toilets, 7 girls toilets and 3 teachers toilets. The total numbers of students enrolls in this school are 570. GOK TSC (Teachers Service Commission) males are 14 There are 1 non-teaching staff males and 2 female non-teaching staff in St. Pauls Primary School, Nakuru Town.

Our Core values

Core Values of the school

Integrity Respect for individual differences Professionalism Fidelity to law Team work Confidentiality Efficiency…

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Message from the Headteacher

Greetings to you all

Welcome to St Pauls Primary, a school that is fast growing and focuses on opportunities and achievements, a place where pupils …

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